What are the Documents Required While Sifting a Bike to another Location

19th May 2017

Transporting bikes to different city or state is not an easy task. The risk is always involved. If you want to shift your bike from one location to another then you have to apprehensive about any damage or loss. But before this all happen you must take some good step to safely move your bike. You should hire the professional Bike Shifting Services in Delhi to move your bike and set aside all your stress of your bike relocation as they will ensure for the surety about the comfortable movement of your Bike. For your bike transportation, you must take care of the following documents Handy as you require these all during the bike relocation process.

Copy of Your Bike RC Book

When it comes to shifting a bike from one location to another you need some documents so the company can check the bike has registration or not. If you have the certificate of the bike like RC Book then only your bike can be shifted to another location. It also helps you to hire the best bike transportation service in Mumbai, Delhi, Gurgaon, Bangalore or any Cities in India.

Copy of Bike Insurance

In order to protect a bike, it should be insured. Usually, when people buy any model of bike they also need insurance to cover up the loss. So if you have got your bike insured then you would also need the copy of the Insurance of your bike while transporting to another location. The most important is the insurance must be valid.

Copy of Driving License

You will need to submit a copy of the driving license to the company of Bike Transport Services in Delhi.

Original P.U.C Certificate

When you purchase a new vehicle, you are issued a PUC Certificate with the new vehicle like a bike or car. After a period of time, you need a new PUC Certificate through PUC testing. PUC certificate is valid only for six months, every vehicle owner has to get their bike or car tested twice in a year.  If you are a bike owner then to certify your bike, you can get it tested at authorized Petrol Pumps who have specific testing devices and have experienced employees for PUC testing. At present time the environment was filled with a lot of pollution. So the government has taken few steps in order to remove the pollution, for this they have declared to have a P.U.C certificate is quite necessary, therefore when you move your bike from one location to another you have to have PUC certificate.

So, after collecting the copy of the following documents, you can easily relocate your bike to your desired location without any hassle under complete safety. The professional Bike shifting the company’s team will pick up your bike from your address and bring at their loading point. First of all, they will pack your bike applying cargo sheets, Bubble sheets or foam to safely pack you. After this, they will load it and transport to your destination point without any damage. Quality packing will save your bike from dust and scratches.

You can come across numbers of bike shifting company, but if you want to safely move your bike to your destination point then you have to search the most reliable and fast Bike Transport Services in Bangalore. One of the best sources to reach out the top rated bike shifting company is EasyMySearch, the highly recommended and trusted supporter in India.

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