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Speedo Packers and Movers
Speedo Packers and Movers
42, Vivekanand Nagar, Ghaziabad
J D Packers and Movers
J D Packers and Movers
Indirapuram, Ghaziabad - 201014, Near Shipra Mall
Fly Cargo Packers & Movers
Fly Cargo Packers & Movers
Plot No. 57, Gali No. 4, U.P. Border, Ghaziabad - 201006

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Now make your shifting hassle free. Hire Packers and Movers at EasyMySearch at the most affordable price. We are the most reliable and experienced aggregators who are 24*7 available to assist you. Get in touch with us to hire the Best Packers and Movers in Ghaziabad. We have added only the packers and movers in our proficient List of Packers and Movers in Ghaziabad who are capable to handle shifting with complete responsibility. Our each packers and movers company has a license, they have a well reputation in the moving industry. The professionals of Packers and Movers Ghaziabad are rich in skills of packing, loading, and moving the goods with the best security. We have always been tried our best to make our customers satisfied and contented since we have paced in the industry.

Choose the Best Packers and Movers Services in Ghaziabad via EaseMySearch

EaseMySearch lists the best and most promising packers and movers companies in Ghaziabad which provides you with the best and world-class packing and moving services at a very cheap price with the utmost convenience of booking them online from the comfort of your home. The packers and movers in Ghaziabad enlisted in EaseMySearch are thoroughly background verified and thus they are very reliable and can be trusted. Here are some of the most important questions answered will help you in choosing the best packer and mover company in Ghaziabad.

What service requirements can be fulfilled by opting to use EaseMySearch?

You can fulfill your requisition for packers and movers via EaseMySearch for the following purposes:

  • Intracity household shifting – You can select this option in case you are moving to a new location within Ghaziabad or Delhi/NCR
  • Intracity household shifting –You should tick this option if you are planning to relocate to some other city
  • Intercountry shifting – In case you have plans to move outside India, then you should choose this particular option

Why should I choose EaseMySearch to fulfill my household shifting experience?

There are several good reasons for opting for EaseMySearch for your household shifting experience. The primary benefits are as follows:

  • Trained and expert professionals - EaseMySearch assures you the best quality services through the trained professionals of the best packers and movers in Ghaziabad who are only featured after complete verification of their background and details. They hold expertise in their field of work & provide the most cost-effective and efficient services.

High-quality packing – EaseMySearch will understand how precious are your belongings, hence the professionals enlisted carefully pack all your goods in cargo sheets, bubble wrap, and corrugated boxes in order to guarantee safe transportation.

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Tips to Opt Best Packers and Movers in Ghaziabad

Shifting is the process that everybody has to go through at least once in lifetime. This is a most disruptive task and time taking process. We at EasyMySearch have set a goal to turn this backbreaking job into the lighter, easier and faster one.

Who are the Packers and Movers?

Packers and Movers is a group of professionals that assist you in packing, loading and moving your goods from one location to another professionally. They are well trained only to securely handle the task of shifting goods. Packers and Movers are capable to handle any type of shifting like households, office goods, car or bike shifting. They have their own tools and technologies to carry out the job professionally.

How to Get Quotes of International Packers and Movers?

To get the international quotes, you need to fill up the form with your requirements for International Packers and Movers and receive the free quotes at EasyMySearch in no time. Finalize the best one to get your International Packers and Movers booked.

Why Opting Local Vendor Instead Of Packers And Movers Is Risky?

There is no surety of a local vendor so when it comes to relying on them with moving your personal items it may be risky. In this case, the luggage is handed over to a third party which often delays due to the manual procedure. There is also a risk of theft involves. Their pricing rates may be high. How can you pay this high amount for substandard packing quality and unprofessional behavior, thence going for a professional Packers and Movers in Ghaziabad is always safe.

 What Packers and Movers Charges for Shifting Service?

Charges for any service you take from the packers and movers depend on the location you want the goods to be relocated and on the weight of the goods, but at EasyMySearch you will find the Packers and Movers Charges in Ghaziabad enough reasonable.

Why Should I hire Movers and Packers from EasyMySearch?

Movers and Packers in Ghaziabad available at EasyMySearch has been proved to be very beneficial.  We have only verified Packers and Movers. We go through a depth quality check procedure. We are associated with only qualified and registered companies who have at least over 4-5 years of experience.

How to Find Reliable and Top Packers and Movers in Ghaziabad?

Make a right decision only after going to the complete verification process of the packers and movers. This situation becomes when you have no one to assist you professionally. It’s true, choosing one among plenty is harder, therefore, we assist you to connect you with the only reliable and top relocation companies at EasyMySearch. You do not need to make any verification or comparison as we have already done. Still, for your satisfaction, you will be given the entire details about the offered companies to check.

Why Easy My Search to Hire Online Packers and Movers


  • It is the portal that gets you the most experienced and Reliable Packers and Movers in  Ghaziabad assisting you offering the multiple free quotes
  • Get immediate booking of Packers and Movers in Ghaziabad
  • 24*7 customer care support to solve any problem regarding shifting.
  • Connect you to the most flexible Packers and Movers in Ghaziabad for every type of shifting personal or commercial or move your bike or car in Ghaziabad. No need to worry about payment, there are several options to pay directly transferring in the company’s account, cash and by cheque.
  • We at EasyMySearch have enlisted only the verified and Cheapest Packers and Movers in Ghaziabad on our website.
  • Our identification is our dedication, loyalty and the quick service that encourages the customers to get in touch with us for a long time.

What is the Packers and Movers Rate Chart?

To understand the approximate charges of packers and movers for any type of relocation you must ensure about the estimated Packers and Movers Rate per km in Ghaziabad. If you skip this knowledge then shifting might be a costly task for you. So, to make shifting under your budget, you need to go through the estimated Packers and Movers Charges in Ghaziabad that our associated Packers and Movers in Ghaziabad offer.

Estimated Local Packers and Movers Charges in Ghaziabad for House Shifting

Shifting Type/Distance

up to 12 km

13 – 30 Km

Above 31 Km

1 BHK house shifting cost

Rs 3,499 – 7,499

Rs 4000, – 7,899

Rs 4,899 – 10,000

2 BHK house shifting cost

Rs 4,499 – 8,499

Rs 4,499 – 10,799

Rs 5,899 – 12,799

3 BHK house shifting cost

Rs 5,499 – 14,499

Rs 6,700 – 15,799

Rs 6,899 – 18,999

4 BHK house shifting cost

Rs 8,499 – 16,499

Rs 11,000 – 21,000

Rs 12,799 – 20,599

Domestic Packers and Movers Charges from Ghaziabad to Anywhere in India

Moving Type/Distance

Up to 400 Km

400 – 800 Km

800 – 1300 Km

1300 – 1900Km

Few home items shifting cost

Rs 3,899 – 9,899

Rs 6,799 – 12,899

Rs 7,899 – 15,499

Rs 8,600 – 18,899

Complete house shifting cost

Rs 12,899 – 21,899

Rs 12,799 – 25,899

Rs 13,899 – 26,499

Rs 14,899 – 30,599

1 BHK house shifting charges

Rs 5,899 – 15,899

Rs 10,000 – 20,599

Rs 10,599 – 22,799

Rs 11,899 – 24,599

2 BHK house shifting cost

Rs 9,000 – 18,890

Rs 10,899 – 25,499

Rs 12,599 – 24,699

Rs 14,899 – 28,599

3 BHK house relocation cost

Rs 10,599 – 25,799

Rs 11,899 – 30,499

Rs 13,899 – 28,499

Rs 16,899 – 34,599

4 BHK house shifting cost

Rs 15,799 – 28,899

Rs 16,899 – 32,499

Rs 16,799 – 32,699

Rs 26,899 – 42,599

5 BHK house shifting charges

Rs 18,799 – 30,899

Rs 23,899 – 40,499

Rs 22,899 – 38,799

Rs 34,899 – 48,599

Home shift + car transport cost

Rs 12,799 – 26,899

Rs 14,899 – 30,799

Rs 16,899 – 38,599

Rs 19,899 – 42,599

Car transportation charges

Rs 3,799 – 5,899

Rs 4,899 – 7,599

Rs 5,899 – 9,599

Rs 6,899 – 10,599

Few office items shifting cost

Rs 6,799 – 15,899

Rs 9,899 – 20,599

Rs 10,899 – 24,599

Rs 12,899 – 28,599

Complete office shifting charges

Rs 11,799 – 26,899

Rs 14,600 – 31,000

Rs 15,700 – 32,599

Rs 18,899 – 40,599


Simplify your Household Shifting in Ghaziabad with EaseMySearch

When it comes to household shifting, you can be assured of the best practices in household movements if you adopt EaseMySearch. We are an undisputed leader in providing relocation & moving solutions to consumers, organizations, and governments as well.

Here are the most frequently asked questions answered when you are planning a household relocation in Ghaziabad.

When you hire top packers and movers in Ghaziabad via EaseMySearch, are your goods in safe hands?

You can entirely trust the services of the best packers and movers in Ghaziabad hired via EaseMySearch as all of them are licensed packers and movers in Ghaziabad and have been thoroughly background-verified for the safety of the consumers. They have been in the business of packing and moving for a pretty long time and are certified by the Government of India for their professional accomplishments in this field. They are trained professionals who know how to handle all your belongings safely. All your goods will remain safe & secure under their professional supervision.

What would you do in case any of your goods get damaged during the course of packing, in transit, and unpacking?

The packers and movers enrolled with EaseMySearch are professionals who always guarantee the complete safety of your goods during the process of relocation. In case there is some accidental damage, you can very easily settle the claims against the insurance cover which is being provided by the company before the relocation.

Will the service fit my budget if I opt to hire the best packers and movers in Ghaziabad via EaseMySearch?

Once you have booked your request for your requisition for packers and movers in Ghaziabad at EaseMySearch, you will receive price quotations from the best professionals who are based near to your location. You can choose the one which has the best reviews and offers you the best price quote.

How much do you have to pay if you hire the best packers and movers in Ghaziabad via EaseMySearch?

The professional packers and movers in Ghaziabad might come with different prices, depending on the size of your home & also the number and nature of your belongings which need to be transported. In case there are only a few items, the prices would be as less as Rs. 4000. For a bigger household like a 3-BHK or 5-BHK, the packers and movers in Ghaziabad may charge up to Rs. 20,000. In the case of the penthouses, villas or bungalows, there are customized charges which are specified after a thorough inspection of the goods and furniture to be shifted.

What are the top packing tips that you ought to follow for favourable output while household shifting in Ghaziabad?

Here are a few essential & expert packing tips which you ought to follow in order to accomplish your secured household shifting in Ghaziabad.

  • Sorting your items & purging of those undesirable things which you no longer in use – When you have decided to shift, then you necessarily ought to sort all your belongings which are indicated by their ease of usage, their cost and their necessities. After that, you need to dispose of the undesirable things that you usually do not require any further or really require to supplant with an upgraded one.
  • Gathering the packing materials – You have to assess the total measures of the best-quality packing materials which you would require in the proper packing of all your goods and furniture. The major packing materials which are usually required are adhesive tapes, markers, thermocol, bubble wraps, wooden crates and sponge.
  • The pack boxes indicated by the heaviness of the articles being kept – You need to ensure that you have always picked the right box for the specific articles. You can choose special boxes for sensitive and substantial things & also enormous boxes for carrying the light things. Along these lines, you can always guarantee a simple and safe treatment of all your products.
  • Using appropriate cartons or boxes for packing the home items –Another very crucial point that should be borne in mind is to pick up the right kind of packing containers and boxes. You can opt for spacious boxes to keep your accessories and attires appropriately. If you opt for minimized packing, then it may ruin some or may be all of your costly garments and accessories. If you are packing flimsy things, you should ideally utilize the unbending boxes with adequate and appropriate paper wrapping. You can also likewise wrap all your delicate things with cotton fabric and foams. The best packers and movers in Ghaziabad use all these high-quality packing materials for transporting all your goods in a safe and sound manner.
  • Packing everything appropriately using adequate time –Arranging ahead of time and packing things on time before the shifting day makes a lot of sense. Very late rushing may lead to you to be overburdened. You should wrap the fragile goods independently & also abstain from loading them into a major box. You should make it a point to pack the ceramics and glasses in vertical ways.
  • You should ensure that all the boxes are sealed legitimately – The boxes ought to be legitimately packed and fixed well with the sealing tape at the top as well the base of the container. You should rightly ensure that the tops are at a level and stay away from over the stuffing of the boxes. Overstuffing can harm the items considerably.
  • Utilize some additional padding for delicate and costly items – Additional padding is very essential for padding and additional cushioning. You should likely use thick paper, fabric or bubble sheet for the purpose.
  • Pack all your important items by DIY and you can leave the big goods for the best packers and movers in Ghaziabad – It would be wise to pack all your important goods, papers and official items all by yourself and the rest can be taken care by the top packer and mover company in Ghaziabad whom you have hired for your household shifting.
  • Always keep a list of the stocks – You should ideally maintain the list of the stocks for every last box with its name, number and the predetermined room in your new house where you want to place the same. This will help you in managing everything in an organized manner. This should be done whether you are managing your household shifting all by yourself or if you have even hired a top packer and mover in Ghaziabad for accomplishing the task.
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