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7th October 2017

Most of the people have a great longing for shoes. Some of them have many pairs for different occasions. However, when the time comes to shift to the new destination, which is where the problem starts to crop up. People find it really a hard task to pack their expensive or designer footwear in a proper manner. If they get damaged, then they become saddened and suffer a monetary loss. In such a situation, you ask the best movers and packers in Delhi to assist you pack the footwear. They provide some of the prominent tips to move with shoes in a best possible manner. Let us have a quick look at the tips and benefit from them.

Classify the products

You must be very well aware of the fact that footwear are available in different kinds of varieties such as the canvas, high heel, sports, leather and lots more. The movers and packers companies in the city are of the view that they must be classified in a good manner by preparing an excellent plan. While categorizing, if you notice that you do not need any particular kind of footwear, then according to movers and packers companies, it would be feasible for you to donate it rather than increasing the weight of the moving boxes.

Cleaning the footwear in advance

It is a very important point from the movers and packers in Bangalore that must not be neglected at all. You must make it a point to clean the shoes two or three days in advance before they are packed and transported to your new home. If you clean the footwear on the same, then it is quite obvious that they will not dry properly. In such a situation, a mold will develop that can cause a significant amount of damage.

Pack the footwear in right sized boxes

Generally, you will require a small box to pack the shoes. If however, you are finding it little tough to find the smaller box, then you can ask the movers and packers company to arrange you a bigger box. The best advantage that you get with then bigger box is that you get the convenience of packing all the footwear in a single box.

Unpacking the goods in proper manner

When the boxes replete with your footwear arrive at your new destination, then it is a very pivotal task that they must be unpacked in a proper manner. The packing paper or the bubble wraps must be removed in an efficient manner. Moreover, it is also imperative that you must check whether all the items have been delivered by the movers and packers. If any pair is missing, then you must immediately notify the movers and packers in Gurgaon so that they can search for the lost products that were moved from your old home. If still the items are not found, then you can seek compensation from the company, provided you have an adequate amount of proof to stake a claim.

Therefore, it is quite an easy task to pack the footwear and move, if it is done in a proper manner. For those people who do not know about the right process to pack the goods, then they make use of the top movers and packers service providers.

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