4 Life Hacks to Get Rid of Termite Pests at Ease

28th July 2017

Did you ever try to find small piles of wood dust accumulated under your sofa? If yes then it’s the sign of termite infestation. Once they invade your property and start feeding on the foundation of your wooden object or your expensive furniture which becomes quite difficult to get rid of them. It becomes more complicated when you have to work upon a minuscule size. Undertaking inspections after a less period of time in your house to check for the presence of termites and other pests can save you from an innumerable of hurdles. The better idea is to contact professional providers of Best Pest Control Delhi.

Here is a list of items you can to prevent termites from spreading and ensure that the treatment is successful:

Remove Moisture at Once

Moisture is one of the main causes to attract all sorts of insects including termites into your property, home or office. If you remove the excess moisture in your home it will assist in keeping termites away from your home. If you live in a humid environment, investing in a dehumidifier can prove to be very helpful. Switch on the air conditioner periodically in summers during the day to maintain a cool temperature in the house and get rid of excess moisture from the air indoors.

Fix Leakage Problems

Focus on the leaks or decay in your home. Damaged roofs and moisture-laden walls attract termites very quickly. Fix and seal the leakages at once when you notice and perform the frequent inspections especially in basements or dingy corners of your house, it works wonder. The leakage problems can be especially inviting in the basement when it is closer to the ground and makes it comfortable for termites to attack the spot.

Declutter Your House

If you hire the company of Best Pest Control Gurgaon, you become safe from the pests but another point here is you should carry out a decluttering drive in your house not frequently but do not delay if you perform it. Pay special attention to useless papers, cardboards, old magazines and newspapers since these are the main source of pests like termites to thrive. If one of your rooms has been attacked by termites, it’s must never take the objects like furniture stored in that room to other parts of your premise that are not affected by the termites.

Maintain a Distance between Soil and Wood

Ensure that there is some distance between the soil and wood if you have a garden near or in your home. According to the best Pest control companies in India it is believed that at least an eighteen-inch distance is necessary. It will assist discourage any attack from termites on the foundation of your house and the furniture. Using stones or cement to separate soil from the wooden area is good idea, especially in your patios, gardens, etc. to create a physical barrier for termites. Thus you can stay away from termite’s attack.

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