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Piles is not the word which people aren't familiar with, it's very discomfort painful problem that every second individual out of four is facing now-a-days. This term is well-known with name Hemorrhoids and also in Ayurveda named as ARSHA or ARSH. Usually people call it Bavasir or Bawaseer. Hence, we have listed out the best Piles Ayurvedic Doctor in Chandigarh for top treatments through EasyMySearch.

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Find the Best Ayurvedic Doctor in Chandigarh, Best Piles Treatment in Chandigarh

Piles are swollen lumps within the walls of lower rectum and anus which cause discomfort, pain, bleeding and itching; sometimes discharge is produced when strained during bowel movements. It often observed in the case of chronic constipation and it worsens the situation with suppression of the urge to pass flatulence and stools. However, people aren't aware of it at the initial stage and at EasyMySearch they can take free consultation from handpicked trusted doctors, if ignored then it becomes a full-fledged illness. There are generally two kinds of piles- internal and external piles and also further categorized into four stages as per extremity.

In traditional Ayurveda terminology, there are two types of Piles (Bawasir)- Sushka and Sravi. Sushka is dry with no discharge/mucus and is not associated with bleeding similar to internal piles or first and second stage piles; whereas, Sravi is with running discharge/mucus or bleeding as like third and fourth stage piles. To examine the stage you are at Piles Ayurvedic Doctor in Chandigarh can be looked for to take advice.

Best Piles Doctor in Chandigarh - Several Factors contributes the illness to Exasperate

According to Ayurveda well-known primitive therapy; unhealthy eating habits, constipation, sleep disorders, obesity, pregnancy, lack of physical activities, prolonged sittings and standings, overindulgence in contamination, consumption of excessive dry nuts, beverages like alcohol, aerated drinks and caffeine, junk and spicy foods are some leading factors which result in the illness to exasperate.

Few indications or symptoms to examine the illness in Body

  • Intense itching around the anus
  • Painful and irritable bowel movements
  • Painful lumps in inner rectum
  • Bleeding after and while bowel movements
  • Leakage of stools
  • Inflammation anus
  • Bowel feeling even after defecation
  • Discharge

When to look for Piles Ayurvedic Treatment?

When you observe any of the symptoms mentioned above then you should take the problem on a serious note and consult with best piles Ayurvedic doctor in Chandigarh as possible as you can. Hunting for a well-known expert is a matter of concern but EasyMySearch is the one-stop solution for all the things to get in touch with, as it will directly help you to get connected with best renowned and registered professionals in your locality.

How EasyMySearch helps to find Best Piles Ayurvedic Doctors in Chandigarh?

There're different procedures to treat piles like Surgical procedures, Ayurvedic treatments, and Natural Herbal remedies. Initial stages can be rectified with Home-made remedies but when it aggravates then one should look for either Medical procedures or Ayurvedic treatments. EasyMySearch helps to find Best Piles Ayurvedic Doctor in Chandigarh, the reason being linked with verified trusted practitioners, saves time and you’re hard-earned money.

Why Ayurveda Treatment is Better to Prefer?

Ayurveda is ancient medicinal therapy and first considerable option as it's rooted in India, but practice worldwide nowadays because of its remarkable results. The power of herbs and magical elixirs works as wonders for the human body as it addresses the condition of the mind, body, and spirit with the aim to bring the body in ideal stage and Piles Ayurvedic Clinic in Chandigarh can help in diagnosis and alleviating illness. The therapeutic procedure can be put in practice with little modification in lifestyle, changing dietary habits and religiously following herbal remedies.

How to treat Piles with Ancient Ayurveda Therapy?

To cure the illness with Ayurveda; Piles Ayurvedic injection can be proven as an aid. Ksharasutra is a well-known cost-effective, safe, non-surgical and easy method with minimal invasive to treat Hemorrhoids. Ksharasutra is a cotton seton thread medicated with organic alkalis and natural antibiotics, also acts as an antiseptic and healing agent. This can be applied and changed periodically until the thread cuts the pile mass. In this process, the combination of herbs and drugs works together to do the operation of cutting, curing, draining, cleaning and promoting healing of the tissues.

Furthermore, if the piles' stage is more appalling then Kshara Karma is the best Ayurvedic surgical method that involves the application of caustic alkalis to scorch and arrest. Pile mass will wither and fall off leaving so scar tissue on the anal canal even within a fortnight after the procedure. Best Piles Ayurvedic Hospitals In Chandigarh are famous to encounter Ayurvedic surgical operations; the reason being low-cost procedure with a miniature risk of adverse effects.

Advantages of opting Ayurvedic Treatments?

There are rare chances of reoccurrence of Hemorrhoids if treated with Ayurvedic methods like Ksharasutra or Kshara Karma. Superlative results of these therapies instigate the production of new healthy tissues but merely, works like wonder when it is whole-heartedly done with following practitioner's advice.

What are the Best Practiced Home Remedies to cure Hemorrhoids naturally?

There are a plethora of things that would be considered and recommended to cure Hemorrhoids as well as to improve overall health.

  • The use of Aloevera due to its anti-inflammatory properties helps in lowering inflammation and pain.
  • Ice Packs or Witch Hazel soothes skin irritation.
  • Breathable comfortable clothing is skin-friendly.
  • Warm Baths or Sitz Bath with Epsom Salt pacifies the affected area.
  • Avoid foods like frozen, fried, canned, refined, beverages like aerated drinks, tea, coffee, alcohols, over-eating, pickles, potatoes, excessive fasting, half-cooked red meats.
  • Consumption of water intake (at least 8 glasses), buttermilk, home-made juices, soups, milk, yoghurt or curd must be increased.
  • Multiplies Fiber intake of fresh fruits, leafy vegetables, a handful of nuts, whole grains, brown rice, eating soaked figs in warm water twice a day and taking psyllium husk supplement with warm water or milk.
  • Apply Home-made ointments and Sesame Oil.

Consequently, Piles can be prevented or cured with self-dedication and simply obeying Ayurvedic Practioner's advice. If one wants to bring a change in itself, no-one can be a bridge in-between. Even, as per classic aphorism "Healthy Body leads to Healthy Mind". To opt for a change in a monotonous lifestyle and to pursue Healthy-living without any illness; one needs proper guidance and the regimen to follow and EasyMySearch is the source that aids in connecting to the best Eminent Experts without paying any charges which obviously encourages you to look forward.

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